[LAST UPDATED March 5, 2021]

✔︎ Currently saying yes to speaking engagements online,
interviews, consults, and remote freelance/part-time 
job opportunities.

✗ Currently saying no to meetups and full-time
 job opportunities.

➺ Working with 4 -5 clients yearly with my main label  Currently: Betalist + as Marketing and 
Community Director and Startup Curator

➺ Building & growing into an established label for all my Socio-economic, Cultural, and Activism 
clients that needs a hands-on practical business and 
marketing approach for their (strict budget) projects.

➺ Writing & growing my newsletter Cultured Curator into
a culture, entertainment and tech resource that brings 
my broad knowledge and curation in these industries 
together in one place.

➺ Building and growing my new Podcast: Cultured Curator
 [link soon]

➺ Working on Moderating and Hosting Clubhouse Rooms and 
Twitter Spaces
in Language, Tech, and Entertainment (add me @rpish)

➺ Writing the outline of a secret book project

➺ Watching 3 anime shows, and reading 
7 different mangas weekly

➺ Watching 3 Fantastic Films weekly 
(Sci-Fi, Horror, Suspense, Action, Weird, Art-House,
and Animation)

➺ Reading  Future Histories by Lizzie O’ Shea and 
The Trust Manifest by Damien Bradfield

➺ Paused Working on a new secret product 
(Codename: Flower)