[LAST UPDATED MAY 12, 2022]   

✔︎ Currently saying yes to speaking engagements online, interviews, consults, and remote freelance/part-time job opportunities.   

✗ Currently saying no to meetups and full-time job opportunities.   

➺ Working with 4 -5 clients yearly with my main label RPISH Currently: Betalist + as Marketing and Community Director and Startup Curator; ; newly started as the Head of Marketing and Communication at Imagine Fantastic Film Festival.

➺ Building & growing into an established label for all my Socio-economic, Cultural, and Activism clients that needs a hands-on practical business and marketing approach for their projects.  

➺ Writing & growing my newsletter Cultured Curator into a culture, entertainment and tech resource that brings my broad knowledge and curation in these industries together in one place.  

➺ Co-hosting Podcast and running socials: Ride the Omnibus  

➺ Co-hosting & growing my new Podcast: The Cultured Curators  

➺ Working on Moderating and Hosting Clubhouse Rooms and Twitter Spaces in Language, Tech, and Entertainment (add me @rpish)  

➺ Watching Fantastic Films weekly (Sci-Fi, Horror, Suspense, Action, Weird, Art-House, and Animation) Check my Letterboxd to see what I watched and my ratings  

➺ Reading: The Alignment Problem by Brian Christian, and The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix

➺ Writing the outline of a secret book project  

➺ Want to know where I’ve recently spoken/been featured? Click here