Help you understand your market and demographics with actionable planning.

Research – Analysis – Brand strategy – Marketing & content strategy – Social media strategy

Brand Optimisation

Optimise Brand impact for growth and to increase awareness.

Branding – Market research – SEO -Communication optimization – Consultancy

Training (+ Remote Work)

Elevate your (team’s) knowledge about online marketing, intercultural business, developments in Tech, and Remote Working

Training sessions – topic-specific presentations- Remote Work setup – Digital Office PM

Content + Creative & Influencers

Content marketing and creation. Concept and digital designs. Relevant Influencer Marketing.

Content planning – Social media content creation – Creative production – Copywriting – Content marketing – Concept & Ideation – Concept development – Influencer Management – Influencer Sourcing

Trends & Culture

Trends and Cultural analysis for (marketing and business development)

Technology innovation and developments – Asia Business – Intercultural Business awareness

Expert Speaker

Expert in Pop Culture, Tech, and Inclusivity in different industries.

Pop Culture trends and developments – Trends in Entertainment/Streaming – Inclusivity ambassador – BIPOC and LGBTQ+ rights